Say This, Not That: Why Media Training is Critical

Media training is a powerful tool for leaders. Those with experience can tell you it’s about more than just learning how to answer reporters’ questions without embarrassing the company.

In nearly two decades of communications consulting, no client has ever told me they regret going through media training, and many have asked to do it more than once to hone and practice critical communications skills.

If you are in a role that requires you to talk to reporters, or are thinking about engaging more with the media, training is a must. Here’s my take on the top three reasons why:

Learn to control any conversation

Media training teaches you to gracefully control any conversation, even when you are just responding to someone else’s questions. With a few professional tips, you will be able to subtly, but powerfully steer a conversation from any topic back to one that you prefer to talk about, so you can walk into an interview – or any conversation – confident and composed.

Be more quotable

Getting a media interview is only half the battle in media relations. Not all sources will be quoted in the reporter’s final story. Most often that’s because they failed to deliver a clear and concise message. Media training teaches you to present the information you want people to hear in a way that resonates. Whether you are talking to a reporter, a client or an employee, you will learn how to make sure your audience receives your intended message.

Get comfortable working with limitations

There’s often a limit to what you can or can’t say to reporters (or other audiences). Media training will help you communicate important messages without overstepping those limits, so you can have a meaningful conversation while honoring professional, and sometimes legal, boundaries. Not only is that skill helpful when working with media, but also when communicating with employees about issues that involve significant discretion and confidentiality.

If you’re interested in media training leaders in your organization, send us an email. We love training and offer customizable sessions tailored to fit your needs.